A trainer for my bike, a trainer for me

So this weekend was rather uneventful… I had a free race entry for the Mustache Dash 5K, which I ran last year for Saturday.  Unfortunately for me, I found a lot of excuses when my alarm went off that morning. I had stayed up late to watch the Royals, who seem to be bent on always going into extra innings. I slept poorly. I woke up not feeling great. And in the back of my mind, I was worried about re-injuring my knee. I hit the alarm and went back to sleep.

track workout

I did manage to get dressed and tie my shoes later that day. Bowie and I hit the track at the high school for a short work-out. We ran a mile to warm-up. I then ran an 800 (I was shooting for a mile, but I really started feeling BAD). After that, we ran another 800 to cool down.

Normally when my lungs start burning and it gets tough, I feel like stopping. That is pretty typical for me. I thought I would push thru it and do the whole mile that morning, and then do a couple miles easy pace, but I felt super bad. I am pretty certain it is just my allergies flaring up. I am really considering seeing an allergist. Has anyone ever done that? Feedback?

image (11)

Sunday, I ran errands in Lawrence and had a chance to swing by Sunflower bike shop. I took everyone’s advice and had them mount a trainer tire on my tri-bike for me. Hopefully no more tire burn-out smell in the room now!

Sunday night, I was the Rock Chalk trails with my friends LaRisa and Angie. The Rock Chalk trails are part of the Rock Chalk Sports Pavilion, just on the outskirts of Lawrence… sort of a joint endeavor by the city and KU, I guess. I have not been to the fitness facility but I hear it is really nice. (Would love to hear reviews from the locals!) We did 4.25 miles and my knee felt great. Probably because we were gabbing the entire time and I didn’t think about it! We earned some soup and sandwiches at a local place called Quinton’s.

image (10)

In other exciting news (what could be more exciting than my sandwich, you ask?)… I have begun working with an endurance coach. I want to focus on my running, while improving my sprint tri times a bit. I am hoping the structure of the plan will help me stick to it. (And believe more in my capabilities as an athlete).

How was your weekend?

Have you ever worked with a coach?

Have you ever seen a specialist for allergies?

Bike Training Indoors?

This is going to be a long story to get to a short question… Skip to the very bottom if you must!

I began more seriously biking this year… I mean… I have owned bicycles over the years, and upon occasion, actually sat on them and moved the pedals around in circles to transport myself over varying distances.

image (9)

This year, I started regularly biking over distances which, to me, have felt pretty decent. I also bought a triathlon bike (with aero bars!). And let me just say this… when you spend that much on a bike, and it doesn’t come with pedals? Come on! That is like when you buy a new car, spending tens of thousands of dollars, and the car salesmen tells you that floor mats are extra. Please. But I digress, I bought Speedplay pedals (because they were pink and matched my bike) and shoes.

image (8)

I started riding hills! I made bike buddies and we rode gravel roads all over Lawrence. We rode paved county roads around lakes (where I learned that unclipping can be a challenge! ouch!) We signed up for big group rides and pedaled all around Kansas City. Woot!

image (7)

Here is where it gets tricky, folks… (1) I am extremely paranoid about riding around by myself since we have had some really nasty fatalities in the area with cars killing very experienced riders. and (2) It is getting dark early, so I am even more leery about riding on the roads.

I have been babying my knee / IT band, so biking is a really good option for me to do instead of my long run. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great set-up to move my training indoors.

I have put my hybrid bike (not my road or tri – bike) on the trainer since I didn’t want to mess up my tires on the tri bike. I have a Graber Mag Trainer that I found on Craigslist for cheap. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on a super-pimp trainer. I have a couple issues with this. I haven’t found a sweet spot to set the resistance at (so I guess I need to read up on that)… but most annoying is that after riding for 5 minutes, my room smells like a stinky burn-out. My tires get hot and start leaving tire marks on the trainer… and it smells BAD. The tire is just barely touching the trainer – so I am wondering, hey, maybe I need a special tire for this?

I also have a hard time concentrating on training at home since half the house seems to need to come in and ask me questions or talk to me while I am riding. (The baby is literally being Stewie Griffin. “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mama, mama, mama, mama, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom… I’m poopy.”)

Therefore, I have been riding the stationary bike at the gym. I like that I can set it at a good cruise level and then pedal away and watch Netflix. (Pretty Little Liars, for the win!) I know this isn’t idea since the seat and geometry isn’t the same. Also, after about 90 minutes, my knee gets sore, probably due to that whole geometry thing.

So I ask you… How can I make this better? I need an affordable solution. (If you tell me to buy some brand new trainer that costs hundreds of dollars, I will disregard it because, hey… I need my money for running shoes, fitness apparel, and race entries. Let’s be real here.) But if you do have a suggestion, I am open and I might be able to score something on the old CL again. Craig has a pretty sweet list.

Post here, Twitter Me, FB me, Instagram me… I’m open.

Kansas City Zoo Run

Event: Kansas City Zoo Run
Distance: 5K
Location: KC, MO
Date: October 5, 2014

KC Zoo Run 2014

This was my first time running the KC Zoo Run and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Bowie ran the event with me, and he hasn’t been training at all lately. 4 miles would be his longest race so pacing was definitely up in the air.

We arrived to the zoo with plenty of time to spare. We waited inside the cafe building to stay warm as it felt a little chilly out. (Also nice to use an indoor restroom before a race!) We went outside and watched the otters and polar bears to kill some time before the race.

The race start was actually outside the zoo, so we walked a bit to get there. We lined up with some of our Team RWB friends and danced a bit. The KC Zoo Run has a wave start, but we would find out that people tended to line up wherever (isn’t that always the case?). We decided on a 10:00 pace for Bowie.

Once we were off, there was a lot of weaving as people were walking right from the start line. (We also learned from the faster folks that people were walking right away in their fast wave! Come on, people!!!) I noticed to late that my Garmin hadn’t started, so we were off by 3/4 of a mile, which was pretty annoying.

The course went just short of a mile before we entered the zoo. Once in the zoo, it was pretty difficult to pass as there were many very narrow paths (varying from pavement to gravel to dirt) and sharp corners. Therefore, we did our best to make it up on the downhills when we got stuck behind walkers or slower runners. Bowie wasn’t quite tall enough to see all the animals as we passed by, but he was very excited to see hippos and big cats out. His favorite animals are elephants, but he couldn’t see them as we ran by. He has requested that we go back with all his brothers for a longer visit.

Eventually, Bowie let me know that he had to use the restroom, so we ran over to the cafe building for him. This cost him about 5 minutes to run to the building, go potty, and get back to the course. Once back on track, we learned that we were a less than half a mile to the finish… but I had no idea how close we were since my Garmin didn’t start. And who knows if he could have waited that long anyway!

Bowie did much better than I would have guessed with the potty break… He came in 5th in his age group. Had we not stopped, he would have gotten at least 3rd. Bowie was happy with his penguin medal, as king penguins were the featured animal this year.

Definitely a fun race and we will be back next year for the Orangutan run!

Ultra training update

Sometime back, I got the crazy idea to run a marathon. Knowing my injury issues of the past, I decided a trail marathon would be easiest on my IT band and knees… Unfortunately, I wasn’t finding any local marathons in the exact timeframe I wanted. I researched and poked around a bit until I found a trail race in a small town right by my small town… The catch was that is was an ultra series. I was dumb crazy enough to think it was a good idea. Because, hey, it was only 50K right? Not too much longer than a marathon! Yay! Let’s do it!

I worked out a spreadsheet that allowed me to cautiously up my long run mileage each week. Easy peasy! I can do this!

Then reality started creeping in. Extremely hot and humid weather. My sister’s wedding. More hot weather. My children’s soccer and football.

I am lucky in that I have a few options open to me for training. In Lawrence, I have the Kansas River Trail, the levee, Clinton Lake trails. In my town, if I want to avoid brick streets, I can run the pavement out to the lakes and hit some dirt roads. In Ottawa, there are the Prairie Spirit and Flint trails.

Lawrence Kansas river trail

I was having a very hard time getting that single long run in. I decided that breaking the run up into segments over a day or two was better than no run at all. I managed to peak at 23 miles in a weekend. Yet somewhere in there, my knee decided to become pesky again. After an hour of running, I would feel tugging in my right knee. Not an injury, per say, but definitely not right. Not painful enough to make me stop, but enough to let me know that all was not cool.

Prairie Spirit trail

Over the last week, I have resumed my glute / hip exercises and have laid off the long runs by subbing in biking. I am not at all happy about this, mind you. But the alternative is re-injuring myself and spending a year in an injury-cycle.

Levee trail

I scratched running a couple half marathons and am hoping I can get it together in time to pull this out in a couple weeks. I am hopeful. I will be Epsom salting, foam rolling, clamshelling and spinning my way there. I am not afraid of the distance since I plan to use run / walk to get me through. I just don’t want to have to walk half of it in extreme pain if my knee decides it has had enough. I did try wearing a knee brace on my last long run, and it just was not enough. I didn’t want to risk it so I stopped at 8 miles.

trail running


I will let you know how I am doing soon… Yikes!

Gear Review: Skora Running FIT

I received a pair of Skora’s FIT shoes a few weeks ago. You can read all about the Skora FIT on their site, but my CliffsNotes version is that it’s an all-purpose shoe for both running and training, and has a bit more cushion than their other models.  Rather than repeat everything from their website, I decided to give you my very own layman’s review of the shoe. Since the FIT is billed as an “all-purpose” training shoe, I decided to put the shoe through the paces of my normal training week. I’m happy to report that the FIT kept up with my training.  Running, trails, races, spin, cardio classes, and the highlight of my training week, a running form analysis where the shoe got some nice props. (Video of said analysis at end of this post! Cool!)


Riding in the FIT


Normally I wear my Skora Bases for spin class. They say to train how you race, and I like the Velcro for quick transitions in triathlons… but this is review week, so my FITs came to Just Ryde class at Ryde Barre. Right off the bat, I got questions and compliments from the instructor and other riders. (They are a very snazzy shoe!)

My initial concern would be if the laces would irritate the top of my foot. The class uses pedal cages and the FITs are thin with asymmetrical laces. Thankfully, my feet were just fine after an hour of intense pedaling. I think that the seamless construction of the shoe also helped – no rubbing at all. Normally you’d have seams rubbing right under the pedal cages… but the FITs have no seams. They are practically like wearing comfy house slippers to train… only without the fluff and bunny ears.

Kicking it in the FIT

The FITs rocked my various cardio workouts, through squats, lunges, kicks, planks, you name it. The soles had great traction with the hardwood floors and I felt very strong in my planted leg. No sliding at all. I also think the same qualities that make it a great running shoe make it great for classes requiring balance. I felt very strong in stretching poses and didn’t bobble at all while balancing on one foot. I plan on taking some Crossfit classes at my local gym, and I think these will work well for those, too! (I will report back!)

Running in the FIT


It’s a running shoe, right?  Finally… Let’s talk running. I took my sunshine yellow shoes out on the road and trail, for both training and races. I liked the extra bit of cushion on the trails so that I wasn’t feeling every rock and tree root through the shoe.  I found the shoes had just enough cushion on the road to give my poor knees a break. My poor knees! I have been talking for a year now about my IT band issues. I knew that part of my issue was from bad mechanics / form. The biggest part is my weak glutes. With a busy spring racing season, I decided to really hit it hard and see if I could “fix” my issues once and for all… I made an appointment for a running form analysis so that I could really understand what I’m up against. (I will do a thorough review of my visit later. For now, let’s focus on the shoes!)


First off… I know my form used to be bad. I looked like Elmer Fudd in my race pictures. I was heel-striking like I was trying to bring it back in style. The ability to feel where my foot was hitting the ground is what drew me to Skora in the first place.  I was pretty sure that I had figured out the mid-foot business. I was positively beaming as I watched the video of me running. Mid-foot landing? Check! Landing under my body? Check! Yay! At least I have that part down right.

While watching the video, the physical therapist commented that it would be impossible for me not to run mid-foot in my shoes. High praise for the FITs! I do credit Skora with getting me off my heels and running with better form. It was nice to get that validation. :)

So, there you have it… You still with me?

I am happy to answer any questions you might have about the FIT, or any other Skora Running shoe (as I own them all).  Comment or tweet me!

Disclosure: Skora Running provided me an advance pair of FIT. I made sure I wore these shoes for at least two weeks in a variety of activities in order to give you an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Learn More About Skora:    Facebook      Instagram       Twitter      Web

2014 Shamrock Shuffle 5k

Event: Shamrock Shuffle 5K

Date: March 8, 2014

Location: Lawrence, KS

Another cold run for Bowie and I. Kansas weather was beautiful Friday and Sunday, cold Saturday. It was also quite windy on the out portion of the out and back course. This race was held on the levee behind Johnny’s Tavern – the same course as 2013’s Sweetheart 5K – thankfully no snow / ice this time. Bowie and I donned our green… Bowie even had a blinking shamrock button. I carpooled out with my friend Vicki, who ended up pacing along with me.

shamrock shuffle

My goal for Bowie was to PR… I wasn’t sure how quickly to start him out so I put him on the treadmill for 20 minutes a couple nights before to try to gauge what pace he should be at. We started the race at 11:00 for a couple minutes and I asked Bowie if he was ready to speed up. We bumped it up to 10:30, sometimes a little faster… I just let Bowie dictate what he wanted to do as we weaved around runners. Bowie announced he didn’t like the wind, which brought chuckles and agreement from other runners. When we reached the turnaround, Bowie wanted a drink of water so we walked for about 10 or 15 seconds while he drank. (Next time we will bring his hand-held water bottle).  I always find it hard to get going again after a stop, so we worked a couple minutes to get back up to speed.  At least we had the wind at our backs! I think we were all happy to see the finish line but Bowie was pretty tired and didn’t have any kick left. I was so excited to see that Bowie was going to have a huge PR.

Bowie finished in 30:06 (9:41 pace)… that is a 3 minute PR in just a month after his first 5K. Pretty awesome! Bowie got his finisher medal (medals for kids only at this race) and we went inside for a complimentary breakfast. Bowie says the pancakes and fruit were really good, but passed on the sausage, eggs and corned beef hash.

bowie shamrock medals

Bowie ended up with 3rd for his age group, again nipping at the heels of older kids. They had a nice awards ceremony so Bowie was excited when his name was called. (Even if they did mispronounce it.)

You can read Bowie’s thoughts on the race at his blog.

Time: 30:06

Pace: 9:41

Great Sports Bra Review Ratings Summary

Summary of all sports bra reviews published

Bra                                              Size             Rating

Champion Show-Off                              Large                        3

Marika Keyhole                                     Medium                     4

Moving Comfort Vixen                          Medium                      5

New Balance                                        Medium                     2

Victoria’s Secret SVX                          34D                            4

The Great Sports Bra Review: Part One

Earlier in the week, I mentioned on Twitter that it is hard to find really great sports bras for running… probably even more difficult for women in a C+ situation. I asked for suggestions on sports bras, and sometime during this conversation decided that it might be helpful to share my opinions on the collection I have going on in the bottom drawer. (I keep all my sports bras and compression socks in the bottom drawer. No idea why. Where do you keep yours?)

Anyway… I started culling through my collection and chose 15 bras to review for you. I will add on more as I pick them up, here and there. I will do 5 per post, at least for now. I am reviewing bras based on appearance, ease to put on, and functionality… meaning, how good a job of holding everything in its place. I enlisted the help of my husband. He snapped pictures with my iPhone and then watched me run to rate how much bounce there was. We are using a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best (no jiggle at all) to 1 being worst (OMG I am going to give myself a black eye). I am also including the size information to show just how different sizing betweens brands runs… Some they indicate I am a medium, some a large. So. let’s get started… For a baseline, my normal bra size is a 34D. (And can I ponder just fora moment why my rib cage looks so weird? For real. Every picture… anyway)…

Champion Show-Off

Champion   First up is the Champion Show-Off. Pictured is a size large. This one is a bit challenging to get on since it has a racer back with hook and eye… So you have to get a helper or contort your arms into strange positions to clasp it once it is on. I bought it because I thought it was a really pretty looking bra and I liked the contrasting mesh.  It has molded cups, which I like for colder days. Functionality-wise? Notsomuch. I was bouncing a bit. This would be a better bra for a cardio class where there isn’t so much impact. Bounce Rating: 3 Moving Comfort Vixen Pictures is a size medium. Very pretty bra, color-wise. I find it a bit of a pain to put on. It’s a standard pull-over kind of bra… which would be OK if it wasn’t so tight to pull over my chest. I have to pull it about half-way down, which makes a weird boob-smashing double-boob thing, and then pull it the rest of the way down. It is lined as well. Once it is on, it fits very well. It also performs very well as there wasn’t any bounce at all. Bounce Rating: 5 Vixen   New Balance Pictured is a size medium. I am not sure of the model number of this one… it is your standard pull-over kind of sports bra. I bought this one because it was cute and had matching shorts. I thought it would be great for super hot days when even wearing a tank top feels too much as it is unlined. I quickly found that running is not an option in this one. It is probably OK for a spin class that requires no impact. Bounce rating: 2   new balance   Marika Keyhole Pictured is a size medium. I thought this one was cute with the contrasting stitching and it had molded cups. (I don’t care for inserts as they fold and get wadded up in the bra). It is a bit of a pain to put on as it is a pull-over. It has a keyhole back which I think it cute under tanks. It does pretty well while running. A little bit of jiggle but definitely not a bounce. Bounce Rating: 4 marika   Victoria’s Secret SVX Pictured size 34D. Only a select few Victoria’s Secret stores carry full-on sportswear. Most only carry padded camis and yoga pants, I have found. So when I was on a business trip in Sacramento and found these, I snatched up a few different colors. Very easy to get on as it is a standard hook & eye like a regular bra. It has a mesh outer layer and a slick Lycra inner layer.  The bra itself has held up well, but the hooks have started bending back so I can only fasten 1 or 2 of the 3. And unfortunately, if I tried bending them back, they metal would probably snap and leave sharp edges to poke me. Running-wise, I like it. There is a slight bounce, probably because it is a little lower cute, but not enough to bother me. The bra is fairly thin, so beware on cold days. Bounce rating: 4 VS I will create a summary post to compile the bras and bounce ratings now… and will continue to add to the summary as I add on new reviews. Stay tuned for more bras throughout the week!


Again, these are my own bras from my ridiculous running gear collection. Opinions are my own.


Are there any sports bras that are your favorites you’d like to recommend for a review?

How many sports bras do you own?


2014 Sweetheart 5K

Event: Sweetheart Run 5K

Date: 02.16.2014

Location: Overland Park, KS

The first time I ran this event was last year in Lawrence, KS… but they moved the race to Overland Park, KS this year. The course was a big square, which was actually kind of nice when it came it pacing distances and not having to fight through crowded corners as much. The event was hosted by the Ritz-Carlton Overland Park, so the restrooms were quite nice and packet pick-up seemed easy. Due to a recent car accident, I knew I needed to take it very slow. I signed up my 6 year old Bowie as an insurance policy… pacing Bowie would force me to keep it to a jog. Bowie had ran 5K on a treadmill once before, but we hadn’t been doing any training lately, due to said car accident, but I was confident that if we took it slow, Bowie would be just fine. It was a little cold out, and some icy patches were still around, but I assured Bowie that we would warm up once we started to run.


The race photographer snapped this photo of us at the starting line.  I soon learned that a long tutu wads up between your legs when you run. Bowie mentioned after the race that he couldn’t run beside me because the tutu kept getting stuck on the velcro of his glove.  Sorry, kiddo! But note my super cute Pro Compression heart socks and new Skora Running black/pink shoes The race started on time and we were off! I didn’t bother to wear my Garmin so that I wouldn’t be tempted to speed up. We ran totally by feel, and that was nice to not feel stress from staring at my wrist! I had no idea how fast we were going, but we started nice and slow the first mile and I slowly sped him up a bit through-out the race. There were a couple hills, so I encouraged Bowie to pump his arms to pull himself up the hill. Bowie did a great job of chugging along even when I could tell he was getting tired. When we rounded the last corner and we saw the finish line, I yelled at Bowie to floor it! He started passing people like they were standing still.  I was his own private cheering section in that last sprint but I couldn’t help being so proud of my little rockstar runner!




I was certain that not many little boys were before us so I thought Bowie had a good chance of placing.  We hit the results line and found our time was 33:08 (10:41 pace) and that Bowie placed 3rd. Later, when I looked up the results we found Bowie (6) was the youngest male runner, so all the other boys in 0-10 were older than him. The two boys finishing before him were 9 and 8. We headed inside to get his medal and he was so proud of himself. This is his second timed event and he is 2-for-2, having finished first in AG for Double Road Race’s Kids Cup Mile.


I asked Bowie how it felt to be passing all those grown-ups and he just shrugged and said, “I never looked back, Mommy. I just wanted to focus on my own race.” He’s a good little egg.


Time: 33:08

My Place: Don’t even ask! I was there to pace for Bowie :)

Organizing race bibs

As a runner, I seem to have accumulated a variety of bibs, medals… and… well… a big enough safety pin stash to last 5 lifetimes.  Of course, the bibs and medals mean a bit more to me than the tangled mess of safety pins in an old jelly jar.

After I have collected 5 race bibs or so, I wanted to organize them in a way that would preserve the bib itself, but also the memories from the race.  After checking out some options online, I decided to just DIY a bib binder.  I found my pretty blue binder at Staples (part of the Martha Stewart collection) but any binder will do.  Mine measures 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 – which seems like a good size for storing the bibs. A few I have had to fold down just a smidge to fit in the sheet protectors.


I also bought plastic dividers to separate my bibs into years.  I prefer a chronological order, but you could choose to group yours by distance or some other manner.  For me, I really like to flip through the pages and see my improvement in times and distance… and sometimes unfortunately remember an injury! I have decorated my dividers with washi tape and stickers, but your book is your book – do what YOU like.  (Note to Oiselle – gonna need more stickers in other colors… I have too many of the pink ones!)



Here you can see how nicely the bibs fit in the sheet protectors.  A few I have had to fold down slightly to fit.  The ones with the magnetic strip on the back are a bit more of a pain.


I like to write down the important details about the race on the back of the bib.  I just write the details on a label that I stick to the back of the bib. But a bib + a Sharpie would work great too!.  My labels have gotten less fancy over time… But I always note the name of the race across the top, the date in the lower right and my time in the lower left. I also note items such as a good AG placement, an injury or weather anomaly.  This race was -7 windchill that day. Brrr!!



So that’s it.  A cheap, simple solution for organizing race bibs.  Be sure to put yours someplace handy so you can flip through it and stay motivated.  I keep mine on my nightstand. :)


Nuun Ambassador Badge

You may notice there are some changes to the blog! First, I have been including posts on running and triathlons.  These are marked by the category “run + bike + swim,” so if you are not into ready those, you can easily pass those over.

Home posts are still go! I am working on a update to the Boys’ bathroom – and it…. Is…. AWESOME! So please stay tuned for that.

I am struggling with finding a way to feature both kinds of posts, and am hoping that b categorizing them differently, readers are able to sift through and find what they would like to read. I thought about creating a separate blog, but I just don’t have the time / energy / resources for that! So bear with me…

Another change you might notice are some Ambassador badges on the sidebar.  I mentioned that I made “Team Betty” for Betty Designs earlier…. But I haven’t talked about Nuun and Skora Running yet. Let’s save Skora for next time and talk about Nuun now…

I am totally not selling anything and clicking the Nuun link only takes you to their website.  (There are no cookies or tracking or commission or anything).  Just trying to share the love.  Nuun Hydration are little electrolyte drinks tablets you pop into water. I became a big fan of them and like that I can just toss one in my water bottle and not have to rely on sugary sports drinks at aid stations.  (I also like to sip on them at work instead of soda).  So far my favorites are strawberry lemonade and lemonade… but I just scored a box of watermelon and really like those, too!

So again… not trying to sell you anything at all.  I promise!

Commitment Day 5K

Date: January 1, 2014

Event: Commitment Day Run

Location: Overland Park, KS

Epic race pic

I thought I would start off the new year with a new PR… At least that was the plan. Somewhere after mile 2, my body decided that would not be the case. Little did I know when I started off that morning that I would contract whatever nasty contagion my children have unleashed upon our household (and has been reeking havoc ever since!)

One of my husband’s college friends was in KC for the holidays and wanted to run a 5K while in the area. I agreed to sign-up since it is always nice to at least know one person at the starting line. I recruited two local running friends to sign up as well, because… well.. running with friends is more fun! Vicki graciously offered to drive Shari and I to the race in Overland Park. Only race-day packet pick-up was offered so we got there extra early. The event was hosted by Lifetime Fitness – and it was a really swanky gym. We checked out the locker rooms to kill time after we got our bibs. It was fairly cold that day so it was sort of a bummer to go back outside to race in the cold.

I started off running with Shari, telling her I wanted to try to stay sub-9:00 pace… and like always, started off too fast. Shari and I did a lot of weaving until we were finally able to settle into  good pace… I am afraid the damage was already done.  (I read some interesting factoid about every minute you start out too fast impacts your later pace by X amount… but I can’t remember the details now. I just tend to agree that yes, I burn myself out too soon and always end up with crummy splits).  Anyway…. we were chugging right along and right before 2 miles in, I just felt really awful.  I took it as an opportunity to stop and tie my shoelaces, and just feel sorry for myself.  I stood their, contemplating dashing for the nearest restroom, when Vicki came chugging along. Her big smile and wave gave me a boost to keep going. We ran together for a few minutes until I felt a bit of a second wind and sped up.

After finishing the race, I sat on the curb… again contemplating either passing out or dashing to the restroom.  As soon as Vicki finished, we headed back to the gym.  There were some really yummy post-race snacks. Also, See KC Run was on hand to snap pictures. He convinced us to do a Charlie’s Angels pose and do a big cheerleader jump. (Check out our Spirit Fingers!)

So… Shari had a PR and placed 4th in her age group. Yay!!! That is the second person I have helped push to a PR.  So I think I get partial credit? Vicki was happy to finish injury free, because she, like me, is rehabbing. I was happy to finish without crapping my pants or throwing up on someone. (Sincere apology to the ladies who were in the restroom with me after the race). Kerrie finished with a new PR.

30:13 – 9:43 pace.  11th in my Age group. Not stellar folks…. Here’s hoping to a speedier 2014?



I wore a skirt over my tights for the first time… It was a race skirt with built-in snappies for my bib. Mid-way thru the race the skirt had spun around and my bib wadded up on my back. Not sure if it was due to the jacket I was wearing? But super annoying. I will give the skirt another try before I review…

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